Oracle Fusion BPM 12C

→ Oracle BPM Methodology and the Oracle BPM Suite

  • what is business Process Managemen
  • Introduction to the BPM Life Cycle
  • The Oracle BPM Suite About Use Cases for the Oracle BPM Suite
  • Overview of Course Case Study

→ Modeling a Process using Oracle Business Process Composer

  • Getting started with Oracle Business Process Composer
  • Modeling a Process

→ Running Simulations

  • What are Simulations?
  •  Configuring and Running Simulations Using Business Process Composer

→ Collaborating on BPM Projects

  • Collaborating with other Business Process Composer User
  •  Collaborating with BPM Studio Users
  •  Documenting Business Processes
  • Creating BPM Projects Based on Templates

→ Using Additional BPMN Flow Objects

  • How Information is Handeled About Tasks
  • Discussing Gateways
  • Discussing Events
  • Discussing Subprocesses

→ Application Modules

  • Designing Application Module
  • Creating Application Module
  • Application Module Editor
  • Testing Service Methods

→ Creating Business Rules

  • Explaining Business Rule Concepts
  • Creating and Using Business Rules

→ Creating Human Tasks                      

  • Overview of Human Interaction in Business Process
  • Creating and Using Human Tasks in Business Process Composer
  • Creating Task Forms
  • Brief View of Implementing Human Tasks in BPM Studio

→ Playing the Process

  • What is Process Player?
  • Enabling Process Player
  • Initiating Process Player
  • About Process Player User Interface
  • Mapping Users and Groups to Process Roles
  • Playing the Process
  • Creating Multiple Instances

→ Participating in Running Process

  • Deploying a Project to BPM Run Time
  • Overview of Business Process Workspace
  • Participating in a Running Process

→ Using Process Analytics                  

  • Overview of monitoring(Tools Process,Possibilites)
  • Built-Metrics and Standard
  • BPM Dashboards(Business Process Workspace)
  • Custom mertics Custom BPM Dashboards

→ Creating Realtime Dashboards Using BAM

  • Overview of Using BAM Configuring for BAM Monitoriting
  • Using BAM for Real-Time Reporting

→ Customizing Business Rules

  • Overview of  Customizing Business Rules
  • Editing Business Rules at Design Time
  • Editing Deployed Business Rules at Run Time 

→ Adaptive Case Management                       

  • Overview of Adaptive Case Management
  • Overview of Dynamic Case Management
  • Overview of Case Management
  • Oracle BPM implementation of Adaptive Case Management
  • Case Management Activities
  • Case Milestones
  • Case Business Rules
  • Case Data Objects
  • Adaptive Case Management Labs
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